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BANSHEE — Cinemax Television Series:
Brian Cole, Background Actor in several episodes Season One (2013) - 10 Episodes

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1st Episode, aired JAN 11, 2013 at 10:PM


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Crime | Drama | Mystery

This primetime action series stars Antony Starr (“Rush”) as Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pa., where he continues his criminal activities, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier.

The production was shot in and around Charlotte, NC.

Banshee is executive produced by Alan Ball (of "True Blood" fame), Greg Yaitanes, Peter Macdissi, Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler. Scripts were conceived and written by Tropper and Schickler.

Scripts were conceived and written by Tropper and Schickler.

The Directors are Greg Yaitanes (Emmy® winner for “House M.D.”), S.J. Clarkson (“EastEnders,” “Dexter,” CINEMAX’s “Hunted”), Ole Madsen (“Edderkoppen,” “Flame and Citron”), Dean White (“Once Upon a Time”) and Miguel Sapochnik (“Repo Men,” “House M.D.”).

Episode 1 of 10: "Episode #1.1"
Episode 2 of 10: "The Rave"
Episode 3 of 10: "Meet the New Boss"
Episode 4 of 10: "Episode #1.4"
Episode 5 of 10: "The Kindred"
Episode 6 of 10: "Wicks"
Episode 7 of 10: "Behold a Pale Rider"
Episode 8 of 10: "We Shall Live Forever"
Episode 9 of 10: "Always the Cowboy"
Episode 10 of 10: "A Mixture of Madness"


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The series also stars

Ivana Milicevic (“Charlie’s Angels,” HBO’s “Mind of the Married Man”) as Carrie Hopewell, Hood’s former partner in crime, who now lives in Banshee under an assumed identity with her new family, who know nothing of her past;

Ulrich Thomsen (“The Celebration”) as Proctor, an intimidating, wealthy local businessman who believes he is above the law;

Frankie Faison (“The Good Wife,” HBO’s “The Wire”) as Sugar Bates, a wise, powerful former boxer and ex-con who now owns the local watering hole;

Rus Blackwell (“Burn Notice,” HBO’s “Recount”) as Gulf War hero Gordon Hopewell, Banshee’s district attorney, who is married to Carrie;

Ryann Shane (“Blue Bloods”) as Deva Hopewell, Carrie and Gordon’s rebellious daughter; and

Ben Cross (“Star Trek,” “Ben Hur”) as Mr. Rabbit, a ruthless Ukrainian gangster who has been hunting Lucas and Carrie, his former top thieves, for 15 years.

Other cast regulars include:
Demetrius Grosse (“Justified”) as Emmett Yawners, a deputy in the Banshee sheriff department; Trieste Kelly Dunn (“Brothers and Sisters”) as Siobhan Kelly, a spitfire female deputy in the sheriff’s department; Matt Servitto (HBO’s “The Sopranos”) as Brock Lotus, the longest-serving deputy in the Banshee sheriff department, who is threatened by Hood’s new role as sheriff; Lili Simmons (“Fat Kid Rules the World”) as Rebecca Bowman, a local Amish girl in her early 20s who lives a devout life by day, but is a rebellious, sexually adventurous party girl by night; Hoon Lee (“Premium Rush”) as Job, a dangerous transvestite computer hacker who assists Lucas in his criminal enterprises; and Daniel Ross Owens (“Prison Break”) as Dan Kendall, Banshee’s young, idealistic mayor.


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